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We all need cheering up in the morning, and that's why Lynne Hoggan and McCully are on hand to keep you up to date with the latest news, gossip, and travel for Dundee and Perth. Top it all off with Lynne and McCully's entertaining (and sometimes bizarre) banter, and all the songs you love to hear - including an hour of 90s music with 9 O'Clock 90s! If you're looking for radio presenters who are slick, professional and take themselves seriously... then on second thoughts, maybe this isn't the show for you.

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Meet the Team!

You know about the show. But do you know about the duo behind it? To find out a little bit more about Lynne Hoggan and McCully, we decided to dig deep and ask the people that know them best: each other.

Lynne Hoggan's Biography
By McCully

All you need to know about Lynne Hoggan is that she peels boiled eggs in the studio every day. She’s a MONSTER.

Not many people share their workspace with such a talented, friendly and considerate individual. In McCully’s case, this trend continues.

All joking aside, Lynne Hoggan is surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny. If you don’t laugh at her laugh, then there’s something wrong with you. Her all-time favourite name is “Carlos”.

Favourite Lynne-isms include: “Let’s no’ kid ourselves on”“Ye cannae be sayin’ that!” and “LOOK, MCCULLY!”.

McCullyMcCully's Biography
By Lynne Hoggan

McCully still lives with his Mum and Dad. He’s young… but acts like a 45-year-old man at times. He likes to go out a lot, and likes his bed… A LOT.

His skills include techy stuff, and leaving his cereal bowl in the studio. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

He’s funny (although his banter isn’t as good as Lynne’s), and all things considered, he makes a no bad cup of coffee.

His two favourite things are the Brand New Heavies and Greg Wallace. He came third in a "Ben Mitchell from Eastenders" look-a-like competition. [Does that make Lynne Peggy? - McCully]

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