Key workers urged to apply for childcare in Dundee

Key workers with children in Dundee are being encouraged to fill out a new application form, if they need childcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Wave FM News reported yesterday, the city council is moving to a "hub" arrangement - with certain sites across the city caring for children of those working in healthcare and other essential services.

This model will start on Monday (March 30) and will include spaces for vulnerable young people - replacing arrangements in place this week.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "Although we will still be offering limited places to the children of key workers, everyone who has already applied will need to reapply to secure a new space for their children from March 30.

"The council is offering places for children aged two to those up to the end of S3 whose parents are key workers who do not have any other option for care for their children during the day. 

"The Scottish Government advises that: 'Only key workers who cannot fulfil their critical functions when they are working remotely from home may qualify for critical childcare provision. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. The higher the number of children in childcare settings, the higher the health risks for us all. This is about saving lives.'

"Dundee City Council Is requesting that that key workers identify themselves and their needs through this new online application form by 9am on Friday March 27 and details will be confirmed with them over the weekend as to whether we are able to offer support and where the support will be offered.

"For vulnerable children and young people, these pupils are being identified by the council and families are being contacted directly to discuss arrangements.

"The council will make an announcement later this week about further services that will be co-ordinated from these selected school buildings from Monday March 30.

"In the meantime, all schools have provided learning resources to pupils to continue their education and online assets have been highlighted."

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