Fire and police chiefs in warning over pyrotechnics at Scottish events

Fire and police chiefs have joined forces in a crackdown on the use of flares at events in Scotland.

Sports fans and concert-goers are being warned about the dangers of throwing and setting off pyrotechnics.

The use of the items has become popular at football grounds and outdoor shows.

But the emergency services say some can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees, and can continue to burn even when discarded.

Assistant Chief Officer (ACO) Ross Haggart, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's Director of Prevention and Protection, said: "We are seeing a variety of pyrotechnics being used at stadiums and events across Scotland.

"Some people perhaps think it is a way of creating an atmosphere or promoting their team, but all forms of pyro - flares, smoke bombs and flash bangs - pose risks.

"There have been examples of flares being thrown onto pitches or towards individuals.

"People need to understand the potential consequences being struck by such an item can have - a flare can inflict life-threatening injuries as they burn at temperatures in excess of 1,200 degrees.

"There's also the added threat brought by smoke grenades, which emit toxic substances and can cause respiratory difficulty for people who are in attendance simply to enjoy a match or take in a concert."

Police Scotland's Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams, Operational Support, said: "Thousands of people attend concerts and football matches and we will continue to work with and support the organisers and safety managers to ensure events pass without injury.

"A significant amount of resourcing goes into these events and we want everyone to come and enjoy them safely.  

"Conditions of entry linked to tickets means you may be searched. Don't put yourself and others at risk by bringing pyrotechnics.  

"There is 'no place for pyro' at concerts or football.  They are dangerous and can cause serious and life changing injuries; most of all to the people using them.  Please be considerate of your fellow fans and the general public, both inside and outside venues.

"Taking pyrotechnics or fireworks into a designated sporting event is a criminal offence."

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