Dundee City Council launch Coronavirus helpline for city's most vulnerable

Dundee City Council have launched the helpline service for those who have been advised to shield themselves against Covid-19 but have no way to access services.

The freephone number 0300 123 1403 will allow those who have been identified by Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer because of specific health conditions to speak to council advisers, who will then be able to target emergency aid directly.

This could include the urgent delivery of food, hygiene products and medicines if the person taking shielding precautions has no other method to access these vital supplies.

Dundee City Council is encouraging shielded people to seek the assistance of family and close friends first wherever possible, always following the Government advice to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

However, if they feel they need urgent crisis support, they can contact the helpline.

Council officials expect that in the face of a deteriorating situation, more and more people will need assistance and so the scope of the helpline could extend in the future.

The new number, which operates from Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.00pm, is the latest development in the council’s response to the emergency.

Meanwhile the council confirmed it had selected the former Michelin tyre factory in Dundee to become its central distribution facility for its Coronavirus operations. 

Members of the public continue to be encouraged to use Dundee City Council online services wherever possible.

Dundee City Council leader John Alexander said: “Our new helpline is initially targeted at those particular individuals who are shielding themselves against the virus, and have no access to vital supplies.

“It is important that we can provide a safety net for these vulnerable people who are following national medical advice.

“This will include supplies where necessary and also access to support that could help with any financial or benefit problems.

“I am impressed by the way agencies and staff are pulling together in Dundee to tackle the impact that Coronavirus is making on our communities.

“Michelin have been extremely supportive and being able to locate our central distribution facility at the site will help provide an effective major logistical operation.

“We are also seeing hundreds of volunteers coming forward. Our communities are facing an unprecedented challenge and we are providing a strong Dundee response.”

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